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Best Spa Napa Massage Sauna Relax Couple MassageMay 2024

Of all the holidays, Mother’s Day is the one that connects us all the most. There is never a bad time to show appreciation for our moms, but Mother's Day is an opportunity to go above and beyond for the person who birthed, bathed, and burped us. Brunch and flowers will define May 12th for many, but there are plenty of other picks that are less cliché.

At St Pierre we believe that our relaxing services can be an original way to show appreciation. For Mother’s Day weekend we offer a free sauna for massages booked for one’s mother. Treat your mom to the gift of relaxation this Mother's Day with our rejuvenating massage or gift certificate!

Best Spa Napa Massage Sauna Relax Couple Massage

News from St Pierre Massage & Spa

Last month St Pierre visited the National Holistic Institute (NHI) in Santa Rosa, a top-tier school for professional massage therapists. NHI is globally recognized as one of the most respected and largest schools of massage therapy. At St Pierre we pride ourselves being part of the community, and we took the opportunity to visit the school where our own therapists received their training. 

Best Spa Napa Massage Sauna Relax Couple Massage

Best Spa Napa Massage Sauna Relax Couple Massage

We're thrilled to introduce our newest retail item - the Gua Sha!

This facial massaging tool has a fascinating history that dates back thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. And it's no wonder why it's still relevant today! With its unique curves and shape, the Gua Sha can help firm and lift your skin. Plus, with regular use, it can reduce puffiness, ease tension, stimulate blood flow, sculpt and rejuvenate your skin, and even help your skincare products penetrate deeper.

Best Spa Napa Massage Sauna Relax Couple Massage

After using the Gua Sha, you'll feel like a whole new person! Your face will feel refreshed, toned, and absolutely glowing. And to take things to the next level, we recommend pairing it with the Vitamin C Serum, also available at our Spa!

So why not come to our Front Desk and check out this fantastic new retail item? Trust us, your skin will thank you!

Best Spa Napa Massage Sauna Relax Couple Massage

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Napa massage spa Napa massage spa

 Muscle tension 

Muscle tension refers to the condition where muscles remain semi-contracted or partially contracted for an extended period. This can result in feelings of stiffness, tightness, or soreness in the affected muscles. Muscle tension can be caused by various factors, including stress, overuse, poor posture, or injury. It can lead to discomfort, reduced range of motion, and even pain if left untreated.

Best Spa Napa Massage Sauna Relax Couple Massage

Techniques like stretching, massage, and stress management can help alleviate muscle tension.

Regular exercise, stress management techniques, proper hydration, and ergonomic adjustments can all help to alleviate muscle tension.

Muscle tension can have various sources. Heavy physical activity and overuse or repetitive use of muscles during sports or work activities can lead to muscle tension. Poor posture is becoming a very common source of muscle tension: sitting or standing in a position that puts strain on muscles can cause tension over time. Emotional or mental stress can cause muscles to tense up, leading to tension headaches or overall muscle stiffness. Muscles may tense up as a protective response to injury, such as strains or sprains. Lastly lifestyle factors can contribute to muscle tension: lack of exercise, dehydration, or inadequate nutrition.

Best Spa Napa Massage Sauna Relax Couple Massage

Featured Service: Warm Stone Massage Enhancement

One of the options to address muscle tension is through massage therapy. While Deep Tissue massage usually brings relief, particularly when repeated over the months, sometimes something extra is needed to achieve a quicker and deeper result.

Warm stone massage is a type of massage therapy that involves the use of smooth, heated stones. The massage therapist places the warm stones on specific points on your body and may also hold the stones while giving the massage. The warmth of the stones helps to relax muscles, improve blood flow, and promote a sense of calmness and well-being.

Best Spa Napa Massage Sauna Relax Couple Massage

Warm stone massage can be very effective for improving muscle tension. Overall, warm stone massage can be a soothing and therapeutic treatment for muscle tension.

In warm stone massage, several types of stones can be used. The most common stones are basalt stones, which are smooth and retain heat well. Basalt stones are volcanic rocks that have been smoothed by natural forces like rivers or oceans. They are chosen for their ability to retain heat for extended periods, making them ideal for hot stone massage.

Best Spa Napa Massage Sauna Relax Couple Massage

There are also other types of stones that can be used in warm stone treatments. Marble stones are often used alongside basalt stones in hot stone massage. They are smooth and cool, providing a contrast to the heat of the basalt stones. Soapstone is another type of stone that can be used in hot stone massage. It retains heat well and has a smooth texture. Jade stones are also sometimes used in hot stone massage. They are smooth and cool to the touch, making them a good choice for providing a contrast to the heat of the basalt stones.

At St Pierre we use basalt stones in our warm stone treatments. Our stones are smooth and have been properly sanitized before use in the massage.

We offer the benefit of warm stone massage as a specific experience, where stones are used on all your body for the whole length of the massage, or as massage enhancement, where they are used on a specific part of your body just for a portion of the experience

Best Spa Napa Massage Sauna Relax Couple Massage

In the month of May we offer 20% off on our Warm Stone Massage Enhancement experience.

Warm stone enhancement can also be coupled with other enhancements such as Aromatherapy and CBD ointment to further enhance its effect

Give it a try! You can book your appointment through our website, by calling (707) 255-1640, texting (707) 943-2472 or e-mailing at and ask about our Massage Enhancements!