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Spa in Napa CA and the Perfect Ambiance

At our spa in Napa, you will surround yourself in the four elements while sipping on a cup of warm organic herbal tea. Let the sounds of running water and the soft glow of candlelight bring you to a place deep inside where you feel peace and calm. Whether you are coming to relax or to work out tension from new or old injuries you can't help but to be taken away by the calming atmosphere at our spa in Napa.

After sipping tea in our quiet room, you will enter one of our beautifully decorated spa rooms. The perfect ambiance is set before you to begin your spa treatment or massage services on comfortable fleece lined extra wide heated tables. The hands of our skilled therapists combined with the warmth of the table and the peace and quiet will guide you into a restful place where your tensions will begin to melt away.

The St. Pierre Spa in Napa offers a number of spa packages including massage services to make your visit perfect.

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