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Relaxation Room Spa massageFebruary 2024

Thanks to all the Club Members that joined us last Sunday January 21st to celebrate the opening of our renewed Vitality Room: despite the rainy day, it has been a success!

For the ones that missed it, please come to visit us to check out this new feature of the Spa and to enjoy the relaxing sound of running water while sipping a warm cup of tea by the fireplace!

relaxation Spa Napa massagerelaxation Spa Napa massagespa massage relax napaThe Vitality Room experience is complementary to your appointment, and you are welcome to stay in the room before and after your daily appointment to further extend your relaxation experience.

spa massage relax napaspa massage relax napa

News from St Pierre Massage & Spa

spa massage relax napa

Please join us for the next big event at the Spa: on Thursday 2/22/2024 at 5:30 PM the Napa Chamber of Commerce will visit St. Pierre Massage and Spa to officially inaugurate the new ownership. We will be celebrating by cutting a pink ribbon….with a glass of bubbles! All our customers are invited to this event, a milestone in the history of the Spa, that this year turns 18!

spa massage relax napa

Starting in February, we will be offering two new services: Hot Stone Full Body Massage and Dry Brushing Exfoliation. Keep reading to learn more about the dry brush technique and its benefits

Spa massage relax napa hot stones To celebrate the new Vitality Room, and most importantly our loyal and supportive customers, we are introducing the St Pierre Signature package. It is a blend of services that delivers the quintessential St Pierre experiences - pampering and relaxation! This new package includes a 45 minutes Body Dry Brushing Exfoliation, a 60 minutes Relaxing Swedish Massage with Warm Stones Enhancement and a 40 minutes Relaxation Sauna Session. 

Valentine Day is here!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by sharing the joy of a massage experience with your friend or partner! Get 40$ off from full price 60 or 90 minutes couples massage from Tuesday, 2/13/24 to Friday 2/16/24 included. Enjoy a relaxing experience with a complementary glass of sparkling rose’! Use code 0214 when booking on line or mention the code to our Front Desk when email or call. Conditions Apply

Couple massage SPA napa relaxing

Dry Brushing Exfoliation

The skincare industry is ever evolving and with so many products and techniques on the market, it can be hard to know what works. Dry body brushing is a technique that has been around for a long time and doesn’t seem to be going away – so there must be something to it!

dry brushing exfoliating napa spa massage relax

Dry body brushing is the practice of giving a body massage using a dry, stiff-bristled brush. The technique is typically practiced on dry and clean skin.

The whole idea behind dry body brushing is that the course bristles on the brush help to exfoliate the skin without the need for products, whilst also encouraging circulation, opening the pores and breaking down fat cell build-up.

What are the benefits to dry brushing?

  • Exfoliation: Dry body brushing acts like a physical exfoliator for the skin without the need for harsh scrubs or exfoliating products. It will help to smooth the skin’s surface by sweeping away dead skin cells and ridding of any dry patches.
  • Give your skin a glow: Removing dead skin cells through the physical exfoliation that dry body brushing offers can help make your skin smoother and softer (and leave you glowing)! It can also give your skin a brighter and more toned appearance.
  • Lymphatic Drainage: Dry body brushing is a very energizing practice – it stimulates the skin to promote circulation and blood flow, which in turn aids lymphatic drainage. So how is this good? Our bodies lymphatic system works alongside our circulatory system and removes waste from the body, so dry body brushing can be quite detoxifying!
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite: Regular brushing can also strengthen the connective tissue and break down the build-up of fat cells to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Featured Service: Dry Brushing Exfoliation 

This new St Pierre service will come in two options: as a 45 minute individual Spa treatment, where the therapist will work on all your body as you direct them, or as massage enhancement, where the therapist will focus on a body area of your choice.

Dry brushing exfoliating napa spa massage relax

For a full body experience, the therapist will start at your feet and gently move the brush over your dry body using long smooth strokes and a comfortable amount of pressure. Upward strokes are always toward your heart as this helps to support the body’s natural circulation and lymphatic system. While some redness afterwards is completely normal, the therapist will not be using too much pressure (the aim is to stimulate skin, not scratch it). He or she will adjust the technique depending on how sensitive each area of your skin is (circular motions work great over the chest and arms) and avoid doing it on any inflamed or broken skin.

spa dry brushing massage relax napa

Follow our Facebook and Instagram profiles to learn more from our Lead Therapist Scott about the benefits of Dry Brushing!

Give a try to our new services by calling our Front Desk at (707) 255-1640, by email, or online by clicking here. Dry Brush Exfoliating Services are 20% off in the month of February 2024!